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How to say Matricula Consular in English

The translation for matricula consular or certificado consular is consular registration or consular register.

The consular registration is an identification card from the Mexico government for Mexicans residing outside Mexico.


Examples: I am a Mexican an I want to obtain a consular registration – Soy mexicano y quiero obtener una matrícula consular.


The word vesicula has two different meanings so it has two differenn translations:

  • In anatomy:
    • Vesicula translation in English is gallbladder
    • Example of use: gallbladder is a part of our body that stores the bile of the liver
  • Body Swelling:
    • Translation is Blister
    • Example: I have had several blisters – Me han aparecido varias vesículas


Mojarra fish is a literal translation of pez mojarra. It is a type of fish.

There are two possible translations:

  • Mojarra
  • Two banded sea bream


  • La pesca de mojarras es muy fácil: Mojarra fishing is easy.
  • La mojarra frita está deliciosa: fried mojarra is delicious.
  • La mojarra es el mejor plato del menú: Two banded sea bream.

Fishes are very difficult to learn as they are named different depending on the city or location.