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German isn’t exactly internationally considered as the “language of love” that title belongs to the French language. German might be (for some ears) one of these not-lovely sounding languages.


In German the phrase for “I love you” is composed with three words as well as in English: “Ich Liebe Dich”, Ich being the first person, Liebe being its conjugation of the verb “Lieben” (love) and dich representing that of “you”.


In this article we will learn how to say thank you in German.

To say thank you in German we can use “Danke


Another ways to say it:

  • vielen Dank! (filen dank) - thank you
  • danke schön! - thank you so much
  • danke sehr! (danken sea) - thank you so much
  • tausend Dank! - thousand thanks


Examples of use:

  • ich danke Ihnen! (ij danke inen) - Thanks god
  • ich danke dir! (ij danke dia) - Thanks
  • Gott sei Dank (got sai dank) - Thanks god
  • vielen Dank im voraus - thanks in advance


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