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The words Okay and Ok have the same meaning we can use one or another.

To say Okay or Ok in spanish we use the word bien. Let's see some examples


  • i am okay - estoy bien
  • It's okay - está bien
  • It will be okay - Va a estar bien
  • Are you ok? - Estás bien?
  • It was ok - Estuvo bien
  • Everythig is gonna be ok -Todo va a ir bien
  • ok, ok - está bien, de acuerdo



Wei is a spanish word used in Mexico. Mexicans use wei in a lot of expressions but it doesn't mean anything specific.

A translation of wei can be dude, man, bro.



  • Que pasa Wei - What's up dude
  • Que onda Wei - What's up dude
  • No mames wei - don't fuck me when you are surprised or you must be kidding!


Mija in Spanish

Mija is not a correct word in spanish. Official Spanish Dictionary RAE doesn't include this word.


Mija is an abbreviation of mi hija. So the meaning of Mija is My Daughter. But it can also be used to any girl. It is a sweet form to call a girl. Literal translation would be honey or swetie but also daughter or just girl.


The pronunctiation of Mija sound like Miha.



  • Donde vas mija? - Where are you going daughter? or where are you going girl?
  • Mija ven aqui - Sweatie come here or Honey come here


Spark plugs are a car component. The literal translation in spanish is Bujías (for more than one) and bujía for one.


With a new spark plug the car sounds very good - Con una nueva bujía el coche suena muy bien


Another words for bujia or spark plugs in spanish:

  • vela, candela, cirio, blandón, hacha, candelabro


All the meanings of bujia are the following:

  • Device of an internal combustion engine where the electric spark igniting the compressed explosive mixture is produced; It contains two separate wires between which the high voltage current produces an arc that generates the spark that ignites the fuel inside the cylinder.
    "spark plugs of the car, diesel engines lack spark plugs"
  • Candle made of white wax, stearin, whale sperm or other fatty substance.
  • Candlestick in which this candle is placed.
  • Old light intensity unit equivalent to one twentieth of the light emitted by 1 cm2 of platinum at the melting temperature



The word puta in spanish is a bad word. It has different meaning, we will review all of them.


Literal translation of puta is bitch. The literal meaning is a woman that practices or has an occupation of engaging sexual activities with others in exchange of payment.


In Spanish puta It is commonly used as an insult: Eres una puta! - You are a bitch!


Other meanings

It is also a vulgar expression when something goes wrong:

  • Todo se ha ido a la puta! - All went wrong

Moreover you can use puta to express dislike. It is almost like fuck in english.

  • Ostia puta! - Fuck!


  • We can say De puta madre when we think something is very good (similar to awesome).
  • We can use De puta pena when something went very bad.
  • Finally we can say pasarlas putas when we had a bad time.


Another words for puta are: prostituta (which is the origin of puta), dama de compañía, meretriz, cortesana, cuero, mujer de mala vida, loba, pupila, mujerzuela, zorra, etc


Days in Spanish is Días and Day is Día

Week in Spanish is Semana and Weeks is Semanas.

Translation of Days of the week in spanish is Dias de la semana

Let's see how to say the days of the week in spanish and english translation.


Monday - Lunes

Tuesday - Martes

Wednesday - Miercoles

Thursday - Jueves

Friday - Viernes

Saturday - Sabado

Sunday - Domingo



  • I will arrive on Sunday - Llegaré el domingo.
  • My favourite day is friday - Mi dia favorito es el viernes.


Spanish translation for poop is mierda, but to say poop in spanish we can use these options with these meanings:

  • Mierda:  Fact or situation that repugn, such as the existence of vices or crimes. Shut up, hide, cover or discover the shit, Expresses annoyance or indignation.
  • Mierda: Bad or poor quality. This umbrella sucks: Este paraguas es una mierda.
  • Mierda de persona: (Despicable person).
  • Enviar a la mierda, mandar a la mierda: Send to bullshit. (in spanish vete a la mierda).
  • Mucha mierda: In the show business is used to wish success. Before the show you should say mucha mierda to the cast to wish bet luck.


Different words and synonims:

  • Excremento: Excrement (food residues).
  • Suciedad, inmundicia: Dirt or Filth.
  • Caca: Poop or shit.



There are many options to say nice to meet you or pleased to meet you in spanish.


Informal way


This is the most common option.


  • Encantado de conocerte: The standard translation for pleased to meet you If you are a man.
  • Encantada de conocerte:  Same If I you are a Woman.
  • Encantado de conoceros: Same if you are meeting more than one person and you are a man.
  • Encantada de conoceros: Same if you are meeting more than one person and you are a woman.



  • Estoy encantado de conocerte. - I am pleased to meet you / Nice to meet you
  • Estoy encantada de conocerte -  I am pleased to meet you / Nice to meet you
  • Estoy encantado de conoceros -  I am pleased to meet you / Nice to meet you
  • Estoy encantada de conoceros -  I am pleased to meet you / Nice to meet you


  • Es un placer conocerte - Un gusto conocerte: Translation of nice to meet you.


Formal way

Use this option when you are talking to an important person or you are trying to show respect (older people).

  • Encantado de conocerlo: I am a man meeting a man
  • Encantado de conocerlos: I am a man meeting some men
  • Encantado de conocerlas: I am a man meeting some women
  • Encantado de conocerla: I am a man meeting a woman.
  • Encantada de conocerlo: I am a woman meeting a man.
  • Encantada de conocerla: I am a woman meeting a woman.
  • Encantada de conocerlos: I am a woman meeting some men
  • Encantada de conocerlas: I am a woman meeting some women

If the group has men and women we should use the men option.


  •  Un placer conocerlo / Un placer conocerla: To a man / To a woman


Other shorter options


There are both formal and informal.

  • Mucho gusto, un placer, encantado/encantada : Translation for it's a pleasure when you meet somebody.