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Another word for important

Another word for important can be one of the following: Big Critical Crucial Decisive Essential influential Necessary Relevant Serious Significant

Another word for sad

Another word for sad can be one of the following synonyms: Melancholy Pessimistic Sorrow Wistful Dejected Down Grieved Hurting Low Cheerless Troubled

Another word for beautiful

Another word for beautiful can be one of the following synonyms: Charming Cute Delightful Elegant Exquisite Fine Good-looking Gorgeous Handsome Pretty Stunning Radiant

Brother in Spanish

In this article we will learn how to say brother in spanish To say it we can use: Hermano (Brother) Hermanos (Brothers) This is the correct way that can answer how to say brother in spanish correctly.

Another word for Good

In this post we are learning another word for good. The following list is some of the existing synonyms for good: Acceptable. Excellent. Exceptional. Favorable. Great. Satisfactory. Positive Wonderful Superb Fine Pleasant.    

Another word for happy

We are going to learn another word for happy. There are some synonyms for happy: Cheerful Content Pleased Glad Joyful Jubilant Mirthful Delighted Merry Overjoyed. Lively.

Realy or Really

Realy or Really which is the correct spelling? Realy is an incorrect spelling, the word doesn’t exist. Really is the correct spelling and is the word that we must use. Examples: I really don’t like to go out on sundays. This is really a great job, don’t stop working hard.

Neice or Niece

Neice or Niece, which should I use? Niece is the correct spelling of this word. Neice is incorrect spelling and should not be used. Examples: My Nice is 30 years old. I will meet my niece tomorrow at the airport.

Comming or Coming

Comming or coming which is the correct way? Comming is a spelling error, it is incorrect and should not be used. Coming is the correct way to say this word. Example of use: I am coming tomorrow to your house. My friend is coming right now we have to wait for him.