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How to say thank you very much in spanish, so much, my friend, for everything, beautiful, sir, for your help


In this article we will learn how to say thank you in Spanish.


To say thank you in Spanish we can use “gracias”. It is the main translation.

We can also say thank you very much, ,thank you so much or thanks a lot which can be said muchas gracias

Another way to say it is muchas gracias (many thanks), it is also correct to say mil gracias (thousand thanks) or else millones de gracias (a million thanks)


Other options:

  • Estoy muy agradecido. - I am very grateful.
  • Te doy las gracias - I thank you.
  • Te lo agradezco - I appreciate it.
  • Gracias amigo mio - Thank you my friend.
  • Gracias por todo - Thank you for everything.
  • Gracias guapa - Thank you beautiful.
  • Gracias señor - Thank you sir.
  • Gracias por tu ayuda - Thank you for your help


Examples of use:

  • Gracias por venir - Thanks for coming
  • Muchas gracias por la invitación - Many thanks for the invitation.
  • Te agradezco mucho que me hayas acompañado hasta aquí: i appreciate you have accompanied me here.


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