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How do you say Numbers in spanish, translation


In this article we will learn how to say the numbers in spanish.

First of all, the word numbers in spanish is números

Let's see the cardinal numbers in spanish. We will put the english numbers first and then the spanish version.


One – Uno

Two – Dos

Three – Tres

Four – Cuatro

Five – Cinco

Six – Seis

Seven – Siete

Eight – Ocho

Nine – Nueve

Ten – Diez

Eleven – Once

Twelve – Doce

Thirteen – Trece

Fourteen – Catorce

Fiveteen – Quince

Sixteen – Dieciséis

Seventeen – Diecisiete

Eighteen – Dieciocho

Nineteen – Diecinueve

Twenty – Veinte


Let’s see now the ordinal numbers in spanish.


First – Primero

Second – Segundo

Third – Tercero

Fourth – Cuarto

Fifth – Quinto

Sixth – Sexto

Seventh – Séptimo

Eight – Octavo

Ninth – Noveno

Tenth – Décimo


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