Good Night in spanish

In this article we will learn how to say good night in spanish. To say it we can use: Buenas noches which is literally good night Buena noche Que tengas una buena noche (Have a good night). This is the correct way that can answer how to say good night in spanish correctly. In this page you can… Read More »

White in Spanish

In this article we will learn how to say white in spanish To say it we can use: Blanco (White) Color Blanco (White Color) This is the correct way that can answer how to say white in spanish correctly. In this page you can learn how to say in spanish the most common expressions.

Another word for Good

In this post we are learning another word for good. The following list is some of the existing synonyms for good: Acceptable. Excellent. Exceptional. Favorable. Great. Satisfactory. Positive Wonderful Superb Fine Pleasant.    

Another word for happy

We are going to learn another word for happy. There are some synonyms for happy: Cheerful Content Pleased Glad Joyful Jubilant Mirthful Delighted Merry Overjoyed. Lively.

Realy or Really

Realy or Really which is the correct spelling? Realy is an incorrect spelling, the word doesn’t exist. Really is the correct spelling and is the word that we must use. Examples: I really don’t like to go out on sundays. This is really a great job, don’t stop working hard.

Neice or Niece

Neice or Niece, which should I use? Niece is the correct spelling of this word. Neice is incorrect spelling and should not be used. Examples: My Nice is 30 years old. I will meet my niece tomorrow at the airport.

Comming or Coming

Comming or coming which is the correct way? Comming is a spelling error, it is incorrect and should not be used. Coming is the correct way to say this word. Example of use: I am coming tomorrow to your house. My friend is coming right now we have to wait for him.

Allmost or Almost

Allmost or Almost which is the correct word? The word Allmost is a spelling mistake. It cannot be used as this word doesn’t exist. The word almost is the correct choice. Examples of use: I am sleeping in the school almost all the time. I am almost 20 years old.

Accept or Except

When do I write Accept and Except? If someone offer something to use you accept it. For example, I accept your present or I accept your apologies. If you want to say a list of things and an exception you use except. All my friends go to the cinema except me.

Therefore or Therefor

Which word is correct, Therefore or therefor? Both words exist but they are used different. Therefor is a formal usage word. It means for it or for that. Therefore is the most common way to say it. It means as a consequence, as a result or from that fact. Example: It is raining. Therefore, i… Read More »