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How do you say Bacon in Spanish, iberico, translation


In Spain, Bacon it's called by its commonest translation 'tocino', although in Aragon region it’s also called 'tocino' to the pig, and many people also call it by its original name bacon, isn’t it curious?

It is also the same for iberico bacon, pork bacon and english bacon, tocino, which comes from porkBut It is also used the english word bacon.


If we cross the Atlantic we will find that in Latin America the bacon name changes in some countries; for example, in Argentina it is called 'panceta' and ‘unto’ in some regions of this country, meanwhile in Venezuela it is called 'tocineta'.

Other countries like Ecuador and Peru have obtained to Hispanicize the original name of this food thus creating the word 'beicon'. Another curious fact, in some South American countries it is often called 'tocino' to the one who is fat and 'tocineta' to the lean (the healthier one?).


A delicious food without doubt, with many uses in the kitchen and that can be enjoyed at any time. How do you like to call it in Spanish?





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