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How do you say Dad in Spanish, Papi, Daddy, translation


The word “dad” has a few variants in the English language, “daddy” or “father” are also used to refer to that paternal figure that we both want and need.

Just as in English the Spanish has several words to name the house lord (how heroic it sounds, huh?), the most interesting thing is that they are equivalent to those of English! It is not as in other cases where words vary by geographical location; this is something that is standardized to put it somehow.

Let's see, the internationally correct translations are “papá” for dad, “padre” for father, and “papi” for daddy. Even their pronunciations are similar!


Although the thing does not end here, let's go back to the last variant of the word, daddy, although we said that it does not vary by location it has been given by several widely globalized variants in the Spanish-speaking world, besides “papi” we can encounter “papito”, “pa” or “apá”, and as it is not surprising there are also children who, because of liking the language or simply because they think it’s cute, they use the word daddy referring to their paternal figures.


Padre is the most formal, also Papa, Papito is a latinoamerican variant.



  • Hi Dad - Hola Papá
  • Good morning Father - Buenos días Padre
  • The father of alchemy - El padre de la alquimia
  • Hi Daddy - Hola Papito / Hola Papi
  • Big daddy - Gran padre, Gran papito
  • I love you daddy - Te quiero padre or papá or papito
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