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How do you say Thank You in French, translation


Thanks in french

The simplest way is:

  • Merci (mersi) - Thank you



If we want to show our thanks in a more marked way:

  • Merci beaucoup (mersi bocu) - thank you very much
  • I merci - thank you very much
  • Merci infiniment - thank you very much
  • Merci mille fois - thank you




  • Je vous remercie - I thank you
  • Je te remercie - I thank you
  • Merci pour ton aide - thanks for your help
  • Merci d'avance - Many thanks in advance (when asking for a favor)


Reply to thanks (you're welcome)


The typical response to "merci" is:

  • De rien! - you're welcome


Additionally we can also say:

  • Avec plaisir! - With pleasure
  • C'est moi! (Qui vous remercie) - It's me (who thanks you)
  • Ça me fait plaisir - It is a pleasure
  • Je t'en prie - You're welcome


Other more formal responses are:

  • Je vous en prie - You're welcome
  • Il n'y a pas de quoi - You're welcome
  • C'est normal - It is normal
  • C'est vraiment peu de chose - It's really very little
  • C'est tout naturel - It is perfectly normal
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