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What does puta mean in Spanish


The word puta in spanish is a bad word. It has different meaning, we will review all of them.


Literal translation of puta is bitch. The literal meaning is a woman that practices or has an occupation of engaging sexual activities with others in exchange of payment.


In Spanish puta It is commonly used as an insult: Eres una puta! - You are a bitch!


Other meanings

It is also a vulgar expression when something goes wrong:

  • Todo se ha ido a la puta! - All went wrong

Moreover you can use puta to express dislike. It is almost like fuck in english.

  • Ostia puta! - Fuck!


  • We can say De puta madre when we think something is very good (similar to awesome).
  • We can use De puta pena when something went very bad.
  • Finally we can say pasarlas putas when we had a bad time.


Another words for puta are: prostituta (which is the origin of puta), dama de compañía, meretriz, cortesana, cuero, mujer de mala vida, loba, pupila, mujerzuela, zorra, etc

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