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how do you say poop in spanish, translate, different words for poop


Spanish translation for poop is mierda, but to say poop in spanish we can use these options with these meanings:

  • Mierda:  Fact or situation that repugn, such as the existence of vices or crimes. Shut up, hide, cover or discover the shit, Expresses annoyance or indignation.
  • Mierda: Bad or poor quality. This umbrella sucks: Este paraguas es una mierda.
  • Mierda de persona: (Despicable person).
  • Enviar a la mierda, mandar a la mierda: Send to bullshit. (in spanish vete a la mierda).
  • Mucha mierda: In the show business is used to wish success. Before the show you should say mucha mierda to the cast to wish bet luck.


Different words and synonims:

  • Excremento: Excrement (food residues).
  • Suciedad, inmundicia: Dirt or Filth.
  • Caca: Poop or shit.


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