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How do you say spark plugs in spanish


Spark plugs are a car component. The literal translation in spanish is Bujías (for more than one) and bujía for one.


With a new spark plug the car sounds very good - Con una nueva bujía el coche suena muy bien


Another words for bujia or spark plugs in spanish:

  • vela, candela, cirio, blandón, hacha, candelabro


All the meanings of bujia are the following:

  • Device of an internal combustion engine where the electric spark igniting the compressed explosive mixture is produced; It contains two separate wires between which the high voltage current produces an arc that generates the spark that ignites the fuel inside the cylinder.
    "spark plugs of the car, diesel engines lack spark plugs"
  • Candle made of white wax, stearin, whale sperm or other fatty substance.
  • Candlestick in which this candle is placed.
  • Old light intensity unit equivalent to one twentieth of the light emitted by 1 cm2 of platinum at the melting temperature


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